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What is A Neck Hammock?

A neck hammock is a stretching and support tool that helps relieve neck pain and tightness in the neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles. Some variants of this product have to be attached to a door, pole, or rail and cradle the head and neck while the user is lying on a flat surface with their back straight, relaxed, and well-supported. It stretches the neck to promote comfort and relaxation, helps correct spinal alignment and posture, and improves blood flow to the back, shoulders, and neck.

Common Features of Neck Hammocks

Neck hammocks must be designed based on the typical proportions of the human head and neck to ensure maximum support and relaxation during usage. The cushions are usually placed at points that will come in contact with the back of the head and the face to boost comfort.

The materials neck hammocks are made with are typically gentle to the skin as it contributes to the feeling of relaxation provided by the products. The straps and other installation accessories have to be durable enough to withstand the weight of the user and forces caused by mild swinging of the user’s head.

The best neck hammocks are those that provide relief within a short period of time to allow users to squeeze in their neck exercises during their nap or short breaks.

The products offered by Neck Hammock Australia vary in design and are suitable for a wide range of neck support and relief needs. Below is a simple guide in choosing the best product for you.

Deluxe Neck Hammock. This product, which measures 50 cm x 20 cm when laid out, is fitted with memory foam and made with 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort. It comes with thick straps and hooks for secure mounting and a carry-on pouch for easy transport.

Simple Neck Hammock. This product gives a lot of bang for the buck with its 49 cm x 23 cm regular foam-fitted hammock, artificial leather outer fabric, and cotton inner fabric.

Inflatable Neck Stretcher. This variant is worn around the neck and inflated using a handheld squeeze rubber bulb. It has three chambers or layers to straighten and support your neck and it comes with a gas release cap and volume control clamp to assist in safe deflation and easy transport. The circumference of the chambers ranges from 35 cm to 42 cm.


Why Use A Neck Hammock? Here Are Reasons Why You Should

A good neck hammock effectively stretches and massages the neck and aligns it to the spine for better posture. The increased blood circulation helps prevent muscle pain and fatigue and provides comfort even after hours of strenuous activities. Because of the fast relief it provides, a neck hammock is a convenient way to exercise your neck and upper back in the middle of a busy day. Regular use also helps prevent more serious and painful back and neck problems.

Old people who are prone to muscle and back pain, people who frequently bend over their desks at work or at home, and even those who simply wake up frequently with a neck ache will surely enjoy the benefits of our high-quality neck hammocks.

Neck hammocks are effective in relieving neck, shoulder, and back pain and in improving spine health and overall wellness. It facilitates blood flow in neck muscles and provides relaxation and comfort.

Invest in your health and boost your mood and productivity by acquiring a neck hammock that you can use anytime, anywhere!

Getting The Best Out Of Your Neck Hammock

Our neck hammocks do not need fancy equipment or installations for you to reap their benefits. For the deluxe neck hammock and the simple neck hammock, simply look for a door or rail. The hook can be attached to a door handle that is hidden from view such that the straps of the neck hammock is between the door and the door jamb once the door is closed. When using a rail or pole, it is best to wrap the straps around something that is parallel to the floor. Once the neck hammock is securely mounted, lay down with your back straight, flat, and relaxed on the ground and with your head and neck cradled on the hammock. You will surely feel the difference after using it daily for only ten minutes!

For the inflatable neck stretcher, simply put it around your neck and close the gas release cap. Slowly pump air into the neck stretcher until you are comfortable with the degree of inflation. After pumping, clamp the tube with the volume control clip to prevent air from leaking out. Use the Velcro tape between the chambers to better secure them, if necessary. Traction for twenty to thirty minutes is already sufficient. After use, remove the clamp and unscrew the gas release cap to release the air in the chambers.

Seeking the advice of a doctor on how to maximize the advantages of your neck hammock is highly recommended.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of neck hammocks differs according to the design and additional features that suit the needs of each user. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the relief that you need and make you enjoy your work and activities more. The convenience that it gives is worth and the quality materials it is made with, is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at guaranteed the best price!


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